Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gotta Have Christmas Gift

So Mommies, we all know that our kids have a certain must have item on their christmas list this year, so tell us what your child asked for christmas this year.


Kimberly5 said...

Star Wars toys are the big thing here. My oldest son really wants the Star Wars movies and the new Indiana Jones movie. Also he asked for a watch and wallet.
My daughter wants princess things and a new doll baby.
Then my younger boys asked for a remote controlled truck, army men, cars,and a Ben Ten watch.

The Foster Home said...

My oldest wanted a new MP3 player (mommy broke his last year). My middle child wanted a Star Wars Clone Trooper Voice Changing Helmet. My daughter just turned two so didn't really ask for anything in particular.

Imagination said...

I really enjoyed your website! Your blog is wonderful reading. Have you heard of Danny the Dragon? One of my favorites, and worth a visit as it is the nominee for Best Children’s Picture Book of 2009!